Lara Damiani is a purpose-driven filmmaker – driven by the desire to make films that educate, inspire and motivate.

Lara Damiani cut her teeth in one of Australia’s toughest industries – fishing. At 23, she was that industry’s youngest female executive officer. In 1997, she left to travel overseas and write and later worked for some years as a freelance writer and editor. In 2006, she made the transition into the world of filmmaking.
She started with a bang.
Her first production, Tibet’s Cry for Freedom, screened in Australia, NZ, the US, the UK, Europe and Asia. It was also broadcast in the Czech Republic and New Zealand for three and four years running.
It included exclusive interviews with the Dalai Lama and a Tibetan independence activist who broke a three-year silence to be involved.
Lara’s focus is working as a documentary filmmaker/videographer where her work can be used for social good and social change. She works both in Australia and overseas and has worked for UNDP, The World Bank, Relief International, Sight For All, CUFA and others. 
She also runs Think Films – a specialist media production social enterprise where she collaborates with like-minded purpose-driven professionals in Australia and in developing countries.

Her Career 

Watch the television shows on Channel 7 and Channel 9 that signal the start of Lara’s documentary filmmaking career:

Channel 9 “Today” Program

 Her first feature documentary and foray into the world of filmmaking. Channel 9 “Sunday” reporter Kirstene Lumb featured her documentary about Tibet as part of her story “The Agony of Tibet”.

Making this film came at a price for Lara. It was an independent production and she put a lot into it. Despite this, Lara says it was an incredible experience which launched her new career as a documentary filmmaker.

Channel 7 “Tibet’s Cry for Freedom”

Tens of thousands of people constantly living in fear. Tibet’s coflict with China is as intriguiging as it is worrying, and to give us a window into their world, a fearless Adelaide filmmaker has taken the brave step of recording some of the disturbing realities. Paul Makin reports.

Channel 7 “The making of Banjo’s film”

Paul Makin reports on the making of a new documentary by Lara Damiani.

In the Media 

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