It doesn’t end with the film – how I add value to my filmmaking.

It doesn’t end with the film – how I add value to my filmmaking.

Ever since I started my new career as a documentary filmmaker in 2007 making my first ever film which was a feature documentary that ended up on television and in international film festivals, I’ve always had a strong sense of commitment to whatever project I work on that doesn’t end with just the film or films I produce.

I’m passionate about raising awareness and sharing my experiences that can extend beyond the films I make.

Earlier this year I was in Bangladesh working for Relief International making a short documentary about a really great project they’re running called the Sundarbans Mangrove Ecotourism Project. The project is all about creating sustainability in an area that is the largest saltwater mangrove ecosystem on earth but also about providing sustainable alternative livelihoods for local communities who have traditionally depended on the surrounding natural resources.

I was also in Vietnam working on a short documentary for the Australian based charity Sight For All who are filling a void in specialised eye health care in developing countries. For both of these projects, I posted a series of Instagram photos and stories about the projects and the making of the documentaries, a series of blog articles that spanned my website, LinkedIn, Twitter,  Facebook and other places.

Telling the stories about the organisations and projects I work for are just as important to me as making their documentaries. It means I get to share my own unique personal experiences but also help to further demonstrate the impact they’re making. That’s why, for me, it never just ends with the films I make.

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