How Drones can Help NGOs and Development Organisations

How Drones can Help NGOs and Development Organisations

Aerial footage can not only provide exciting visual opportunities in documentary film-making but also a before and after record of the impacts of climate change, environment and location changes and much more.

The drone has become a must in all of my work for NGOs and Development/Humanitarian and Aid Organisations around the world and offers a very cost effective and lightweight option to record aerial footage that not only adds an exciting dimension to my filmmaking but also an essential visual record for organisations who measure their impact

The drone I’ve flown and used to film with most recently has also provided a great point of connection with the local people, an exciting opportunity for people to see something new and unusual and I love showing the results of the footage as children and adults scramble around to catch a view on the monitor. It also provides them with a unique chance to see their homes and surrounds from a perspective they’ve not yet seen before.

Watch “Mahmet’s Rainforest” here.

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The above image was taken in Malaysia where James Whitlow-Delano and myself spent some time with the Indigenous Batek people who are now living on the fringes of the rainforest.

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