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I was recently in Cambodia on assignment for CUFA. CUFA is an international development agency whose aim is to combat poverty across the Asia-Pacific region. Their core programs have a focus on “economic, education, enterprise and employment activities, all of which enable people to lift themselves out of poverty and strengthen communities”. It wasn’t the first time I’d worked with CUFA and again, I saw firsthand the real results they’re achieving with their excellent approach. The assignment involved interviewing a number of Cambodians from Poipet and Phnom Penh who had been resettled as part of an ADB resettlement program. People spoke to us openly about their challenges and difficulties but also about the positive aspects of their resettlement. I found it fascinating to hear people’s perspectives and it really made me think about all the social and logistical challenges that appear when resettling hundreds of people. The final video will…

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